frequently asked questions

frequent asked questions



1. At what stage of a project should we contact you?

The earlier, the better to help us understand the modalities of the project. Our actual work delivery will start as per the project program.

2. Do you do refurbishment projects?

We strongly believe in the sustainability of the built environment and suggest conducting a building audit to review the future needs of our client. We recommend re-use, repair and re-do as a strategy, and our technical expertise helps us make an educated assessment.

3. Do you only do end-to-end projects or can you do parts of existing projects?

We partner with you on all aspects of design projects. This may include coming in to support part of an ongoing or upcoming project or delivering a turnkey solution.

4. What can I expect from IRD when commissioned?

We carefully whet each project enquiry and customize solutions varying from advisory to a complete design package. Find out more here.

5. Are your services limited to design and architecture?

We customize support solutions according to your needs. As your partner, we participate in the assigned aspects of a project with an overview of the whole. We also provide allied services such as project management, supplier management, site supervision, client representation and much more.

To find out how we can help you, please get in touch with us.

6. Have you ever done this type of project before?

Creativity is the key stone of our solutions. We analyze, source expertise if we don’t have it in-house and create solutions that suit your needs. Our approach is to build collaborations to find the best answers for our clients.

7. What kind of areas do you specialize in?

Our work builds on the interactions between humans and the built environment, both in the public and private realm. Our philosophy of Design Consciousness gives us a holistic awareness of how to take the most efficient, affordable and sustainable path to support our client’s objectives. This is applied to any and all aspects of a project.

8. How long does an RFP procedure take?

We whet each enquiry received through a stringent process and makes decisions on delivery scope and timeline.

9. Do you provide advisory for a particular industry or region?

Not bound by industry, our Advisory works around our areas of expertise: design futures, retail development, healthcare, furniture and design practicality.

Working with us:

1. Can I work part-time with you?

Yes, we support the role of part-time work in the growth of individuals and professionals.

2. Do you provide visas for working in Dubai with the Re-join initiative?

At this moment, the Re-join initiative supports people already residing in the UAE and taking a break from their careers here.

3. Do you take interns?

Yes. If you’d like to intern with us, please share your resume. We will also conduct an interview to ensure that we are the right fit for you before moving forward.

4. How will you support my career growth?

Learning is a continuous process. We support this by offering you varied opportunities for self-development and to familiarize yourself with the current industry standards.

5. Do you have remote working or hybrid working options?

Yes, we support dynamic working. The nature of our work usually involves delivering projects to deadlines in a very competitive industry. So, our approach is result-oriented but we help each other deliver those results in time while working around the daily demands of our lives.