Providing 15 years of Interior Design Services worldwide

IR Design provides Interior Architecture Design Consultancy Services, with Construction Administration and Procurement advice services for Commercial and Residential property owners, developers, corporate and others involved in real estate. Over the course of dozens of international projects, our studio’s core expertise has evolved into four broad practice areas: hospitality and leisure, corporate, retail and institution.

Indu Varanasi

Founder | Design Director

Indu Varanasi is an award winning architect and designer Born and brought up in India, Indu discovered her ability to melt aesthetic design with function. She has a degree in Architecture from JNTU in Hyderabad and a Masters Degree in Design and Architecture from SPA, New Delhi in 1993. Starting her career in Architectural practices in India and Dubai for a few years, she discovered her love for detail design and the finer aspects of design. In 2004, she set up her own design practice and has since been considered among one of Middle-east’s top 50 designers.

‘Design Consciousness’ is a principle on which the company thrives in creating integrated, holistic and cohesive design which embrace the human being.

International Collaboration

Anna Barbara

Architect | Professor

She graduated in Architecture and Design. She was professor in Sensory design in international faculties in USA, France, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Jordan, China,etc. actually at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano. In the 2000 she won the Canon Foundation Fellowship at Hosei University in Tokyo (Japan).

Her researches about the relationships between senses, time and spaces are developed in education, publications and professional works. The most known publications are Stories of architecture through the senses, (2000, 2012), Invisible Architectures. Experiencing places through the senses of smell (2006) and Senses, time and architecture, (2012). She founded SenseLab, based in Milan (Italy).

‘Designing with Senses’ is the nuance of design which forms the foundation of her work.

Awards and Recognitions

Nominated : Commercial Project of the Year 2019 – Dewa AuditoriumNominated : Boutique firm of the year 2019

Nominated: Interior Design of the Year 2019 ,Public sector-DEWA Auditorium

Top 35 among 50 Most Influential Designers -2018

Top 33 among 50 Most Influential Designers -2017

Nominated :Best Interior Design Concept of the year 2016 – MBR Innovation Centre

Top 26 among 50 Most Influential Designers-2016

Top 27 among 50 Most Influential Designers -2015

Top 20 among 50 Most Influential Designers -2014

Nominated :Interior Design of the year 2010, Retail – Better Life

Nominated:Interior Design of the Year2009: Public Sector & Institutional for the Dubai Modern High School.

Nominated :Interior Design of the Year2008 : Best Retail Design for ID Design Store, Abu Dhabi

Products Design Competition at the Festival of Interior Design Dubai 2012

National Landscape Award 2007Planters Horticultures LLC for International Scheme Time Square Centre Dubai UAE

Store Design of the Year 2008 – ID Design Better Life – UAE
Retail Destination of the Year 2008 – Time Square Centre – UAE

Won in the Interior Design Competition 2011 :New Head Quarters Building of National Mobile Telecommunications Company, Kuwait

Discipline combined with action

What sets IRD apart from traditional designers and interior decorators is the vast amount of experience and field-tested knowledge we bring to bear on every client we partner with — and every project we engage in.

Many others prefer to focus their efforts on the ‘big idea’ or ‘just getting it done’. We pride ourselves in establishing a compelling and practical design vision for you, along with the critical details key to bringing your project to life on-time and on-budget.

Partnering with us means working directly with a senior leadership team of licensed architects and other interior design specialists — a unique combination of individuals who understand your unique site and region-specific requirements from the inside-out as well as the outside-in.

How we will help you

We always start with listening to you — understanding the goals for your project. From there, moodboards and renderings are developed to visualize the overall aesthetic and mood of the interior design concept. What results is a clearly articulated, holistic concept for the initiative, tightly interwoven with the big and small details essential to realizing effective and evocative interior design solutions.

Once the conceptual approach is approved, IRD brings its expertise to developing stamped, interior-design plans in close collaboration with architects, site managers, government-approval agencies and other constituencies critical to breaking ground. We stay with you to ensure that all site-specific details are understood and executed, and, if needed, provide additional resources for sourcing finishing material effects.

We believe our work can only be considered truly complete when a concept goes from paper to a living, breathing space that is enjoyed and used for the purposes it was designed. This has been IRD’s philosophy since Day One, and it continues to guide our work and client relationship going forward.

Our Services

I R Design is an interior design consultancy firm that offers design solutions for retail, commercial, leisure, hospitality and residential projects.

I R Design has in-house capability of handling projects through all stages of a project life cycle.

  • Interior design consultancy – full service firm
  • Creation of delated brief (to ensure that the client’s expectation and budgets are aligned)
  • Spatial configurations
  • Mood development with colour schemes
  • 3d visual and rendering
  • Technical dwgs (layouts, elevations, sections, construction details)
  • Co-ordination with specialists
  • Schedules and specifications
  • Sourcing
  • Itemized bill of quantities
  • Tender documentation
  • Aid in statutory approval processes (in UAE)
  • Tender analysis and recommendation.
  • Site supervision services.
  • Project management services.
  • Tenancy planning & coordination services.
  • Branding and identity solutions for retail & corporate clients.
  • feasibility studies advisory services & project planning for small to large scale interior design projects.



“Indu and the rest of the IRD team are truly exceptional. They collaborated with all the teams involved in renovating our hotel project — from providing big picture ideas to delivering the necessary details to get the job done. IRD’S expertise and understanding of our needs and helped our hotel to be a major success in the region.”

Senthil Palaniswamy – Executive Director
CAG PRIDE, Coimbatore India


“Opening the first Impact Hub in the Gulf region was a challenge in itself – and when one adds the architectural and fit-out elements, it becomes even more so. I can safely say that if it wasn’t for Indu and her team at IRD, we wouldn’t have been able to build such an inspiring space in such a short span of time. IRD coordinated everything, often beyond what we had originally scoped for – from project design, to procurement, to execution. With the energy it exudes and the inspiration it drives for our entrepreneurs and innovators, Impact Hub Dubai continues to amaze first-time and long-standing visitors alike – and IRD will remain etched in our hearts and minds as a key architect of our story.”

Aman Merchant – CEO & Co-Founder


“Everyone who walks into the building says ‘wow’…you did something that everyone is proud of.” Students love spending time on campus and don’t want to leave.”

Dr. Vajahat Hussain – Chief Executive Officer
Amity Middle East


“Working with IRD was beyond the perceived experience I have had with other interior architects, especially having been involved since the initiation of this project. IRD brought everyone on our team together, which is a difficult feat particularly when you have different perceptions in the team and people from different technical backgrounds. Some people may misread drawings, misinterpret information and even choices of colors can be a big debate. The IRD team helped everyone see the vision of our project and make timely decisions in moving forward.”

Isaack Peter – Director of Innovation
National Housing Corporation, Tanzania

F&B outlets

“IRD was able to coordinate everything and everyone on our team toward acceptance of the project design. During the procurement process and Technical review IRD helped us in explaining what we will get, how much we it will cost, and what negotiations we may need to undertake to keep things in budget. We achieved a truly effective design.”

Alameen Abdelkarim – Senior Manager, Department of Strategic Business Development


“Indu and the rest of the IRD team are truly exceptional. They collaborated with all the teams involved in completing our project — from providing big picture ideas to delivering the necessary details to get the job done..”

Linda Karam – Senior Projects Manager
Gulf Film L.L.C – Novo Cinema

Projects Undertaken